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Welcome to the 

Infant Program!

Classroom Capacity: 

8 Children (6 weeks through 18 months)

Classroom Ratio: 

4 Children to 1 Adult

Classroom Teaching Team: 

Miss Julia & TBD

In our Infant Program, our Infants are each kept on their own schedules for eating, sleeping, diapering and other activities. Physical contact (hugging, cuddling, T.L.C.) is a critical aspect of the program for this age group. Our Infant teaching team works with the Infants at their respective individual levels of development, providing a stimulating, caring environment for the children. The teaching staff reads, sings and talks to the Infants a great deal, encouraging responses from them throughout the day. Each Infant has his/her own crib (or small cot when child is at least 12 months old), but will be in the crib only when necessary, (as for naps/resting). A safe environment is provided enabling mobile children to explore and practice independence, while under close supervision. Many creative sensory experiences are offered.

Infant Program Tuition Rates:

(September 2022 - August 2023)

5 Day Weekly Rate: $320/week

3 Day Weekly Rate: $276/week

2 Day Weekly Rate: $232/week

*All tuition rates include a morning and afternoon snack when the Infant is ready for table foods. Parents are responsible for providing formula, milk, baby foods, and a bagged peanut/nut free lunch daily.